ICCAS 2013 will be the 16th International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding. The 2013 conference will be held in Busan, South Korea, 24 -26 September 2013.

The conference will review operational experience from existing computer applications in the design and build of ships and offshore structures and will cover a full range of topics including; CAD, CAM, integrated systems, knowledge management, simulation and virtual reality applications, etc.

It will also examine the advances in Information Technology which have contributed to increased productivity in both shipbuilding and maritime operations; including increasing co-operative working between shipyards, marine equipment and system manufacturers, engineering partners and shipping companies.

The conference will be organised in cooperation with The Royal Institution of Naval Architects.
For more information, please see www.rina.org.uk/ICCAS-2013.html.

To register an interest in submitting an abstract, please see www.rina.org.uk/register_interest_ICCAS2013.html.


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ICCAS 2013

Call for Papers Leaflet

Key Dates
1. Nov 2012 - Opening Date for Abstracts

24. Feb 2013 - Closing Date for Abstracts

26. July 2013 - Closing Date for Final Papers