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ICCAS 2007 - Portsmouth, UK

ICCAS 2007 will be the 13th International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding. ICCAS 2007 will be held in Portsmouth/UK 18-20 September 2007. ICCAS 2007 is following a series of successful conferences held in Tokyo/Japan 1973, Göteborg/Sweden 1976, Glasgow/United Kingdom 1979, Annapolis/USA 1982, Trieste/Italy 1985, Shanghai/China 1988, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil 1991, Bremen/Germany 1994, Yokohama/Japan 1997, Boston/USA 1999, Malmoe/Sweden 2002 and Busan/South Korea 2005.
ICCAS 2007 was held 18-20 September at the University of Portsmouth. Portsmouth is a historic naval city located on the south coast of England, in close proximity to the Isle of Wight. The home of the Royal Navy and Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth has a great deal of marine heritage. The picture shows an overview and 'Mary Rose' Museum, 'HMS Victory' and 'HMS Warrior' can be identified there.

The conference covered the full range of topics related to computer applications for:
  • Concept design, tendering, initial design, general arrangement, cost and work estimation, hull form, hydrodynamic analysis and basic structural design, risk based design
  • Detailed and production design
  • Structure, machinery, hull and outfitting design
  • Parts manufacturing and assembly
  • Prefabrication, shop automation, robotics, assembly, simulations and accuracy control
  • Material management
  • Material control, supply chain management, logistics and e-solutions
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Life-cycle maintenance, parts and systems reliability, inspection standards and risk management.
  • Knowledge management and innovation management

Portsmouth Harbour and the area of the Historic Dockyard
The conference reviewed operational experience from existing computer applications in the design and build of ships and offshore structures. It also examined the advances in Information Technology which have contributed to increased productivity in both shipbuilding and maritime operations; including increasing co-operative working between shipyards, marine equipment and system manufacturers, engineering partners and shipping companies.

The Call for Papers document contains early information about the conference and the ICCAS 2007 Brochure contains more detailed information including information about the venue.

At the conference 71 papers were presented by authors coming from 14 different countries. Details about the presentations can be found in the ICCAS 2007 Final Programme.

The conference attracted more than 200 people from 21 countries and included an exhibition. The conference dinner was held at the Historic Dockyard, which can be seen in the picture.

The day after the conference there was an optional visit at the Portsmouth VT Shipyard.
ICCAS 2007 Brochure
ICCAS 2007 Final Programme

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