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ICCAS 2005 - Busan, Korea

ICCAS 2005 will be the 12th International Conference on Computer Applications in Shipbuilding. ICCAS 2005 will be held in Busan/South Korea at the end of August 2005. ICCAS 2005 is following a series of successful conferences held in Tokyo/Japan 1973, Göteborg/Sweden 1976, Glasgow/United Kingdom 1979, Annapolis/USA 1982, Trieste/Italy 1985, Shanghai/China 1988, Rio de Janeiro/Brazil 1991, Bremen/Germany 1994, Yokohama/Japan 1997, Boston/USA 1999 and Malmoe/Sweden 2002. The venue for ICCAS 2005 is the famous conference center BEXCO (http://bexco.co.kr/) providing an attractive and excellent environment for the international conference.

Since Korea has developed to be one of the biggest shipbuilding nations in the world, the ICCAS society and the industry can be very sure that ICCAS 2005 will develop to be a very exceptional event. This is even more true, because Korea is the organising country for the first time in ICCAS history and the event is coming along with the anniversary of the Korean Shipbuilders´ Association KOSHIPA (www.koshipa.or.kr).
ICCAS 2005, the must-go conference for maritime IT-experts and decision makers, offers a unique opportunity to be updated on the latest results and developments in information and communication technology (ICT) relating to shipbuilding and to develop international contacts with colleagues working in all different fields of application. The 2005 presentations will especially focus on practical experiences gained from the implementation and advanced use of ICT. Depending on the locations ICCAS conferences normally attract between 200 and 400 delegates from more than 20 countries and 4 continents.

The provisional ICCAS 2005 topics cover the full range of themes related to computer applications in shipbuilding including life cycle aspects of ships and offshore structures:

  • Early Design
  • Concept design, tendering, initial design, general arrangement, cost and work estimation, hull form, hydrodynamic analysis and basic structure design
  • Detailed and production design
  • Structure, machinery, hull and outfitting design
  • Parts manufacturing and assembly
  • Prefabrication, shop automation, robotics, assembly, simulations and accuracy control
  • Material management
  • Material control, supply chain management, logistics and e-solutions
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Life cycle maintenance, parts and systems reliability, inspection standards and risk management

The ICCAS 2005 Local Organizing Committee will be announced at the beginning of 2004. The organisation will be lead by the Ship Design Committee and the Ship Production Committee, both beloging to the Society of Naval Architects of Korea ( www.snak.or.kr ). The programme is under discussion with the International Programme Committee. A call for papers for ICCAS 2005 will be announced in the course of 2004. Please visit this website regularly to keep yourself informed when further details on ICCAS 2005 are becoming available.

Programme Overview
Detailed Programme

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